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Securing of human resources with potential for growth

How to apply

Online application (e-mail account disclosed with recruitment announcement)

Recruitment procedure

Recruitment of new employees
  • Paper examination
  • 1st hands-on interview
  • 2nd director interview
  • Recruitment examination
  • Internship:
    3 months
    (only applicable
    to respective department)
  • Regular recruitment


  • To have completed military service or been exempted, in case of men
  • Persons without disqualification for overseas traveling
  • Persons who can speak English / Chinese / Japanese preferred

Documents submitted

Job application, letter of introduction, transcript for highest level of education completed ※ Documents to be submitted upon acceptance
-Graduation certificate
-Copy of resident registration and family relation certificate, 1 ea.


Veterans are preferentially treated pursuant to relevant laws. ※ If details written on job application are later found to be incorrect, acceptance can be cancelled.