Management Ideology

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Culture Leading
in press equipment and beyond ‘Management Ideology of JNH PRESS’

We have applied best press manufacturing technology to automobile,
smart mobile, household, architecture and manufacturing industries to offer
a new space where customers can manage convenient and enjoyable life.

Management philosophy

We create the future with creative mindset and endless challenge to make dreams of the human society come true.
Management philosophy

Core values

These are the values by which members of JNH PRESS will pursue their actions and decisions.
Core values
  • Customer priorityWe create a corporate
    culture that touches the
    heart of customers by providing highest quality
    and best services that prioritize customers over
    all other values.
  • Challenging mindWe always challenge new possibilities and make sure
    to accomplish our objectives with passionate and
    creative attitude.
  • Communication and cooperationWe create synergy by sharing the community spirit based
    on communication and cooperation with other
    sectors and partners.
  • Respect for human resourcesWe continue self-development efforts and make a corporate culture that respects human resources, firmly convinced that the future of our organization depends on the mindset and competency of
    its members.