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2016 Integrated, expanded and relocated Siheung 1st Plant and Ansan 2nd Plant
Introduced BSF-160 boring machine of TOSHIBA, Japan
2015 Exported 5,000TON hot forging press (India)
Exported 6,500TON hot forging press (China)
2013 Merged Jaewoo Press Co., Ltd. and Hanoul Press Co., Ltd.
Founded JNH PRESS Group, a general press maker and changed company name to JNH PRESS Co., Ltd.
2010 Developed and produced 4-point H-type press (HNSP-4-400)
Selected as an e-frontier company
Selected as one of NEW EXPORTERS 300
2008 Developed nation’s first 5,000TON hot forging press
Developed nation’s first 6,500TON hot forging press
2009 Registered a patent for bottom knockout device (no. 10-0907006)
Obtained ISO 14001 certification
Developed and produced nation’s first 3,000TON and 3,500TON hot forging press
2008 Produced large transfer hot forging press, HNFG-1200TR
Produced large transfer cold forging press, HNKJ-1200
Established technical research institute
Obtained ISO 9001 certification
2007 Expanded and relocated Hwaseong Plant of Hanoul Press Co., Ltd.
2006 Received Prime Minister’s Award at 36th Precision Technology Contest (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)
Selected as a first class plant with precision technology (Korea Testing Laboratory)
2005 Changed company name to Jaewoo Press Co., Ltd.
Developed and produced 2,000 and 2,500TON hot forging press
Developed and produced C-Type knuckle press
Developed and produced semi H-Type frame double knuckle press (HDKJ)
2004 Developed and mass produced 1,000/1,200/1,600TON large knuckle press
2002 Developed and produced 300, 450, 600, 800 and 1,000TON cutting press
2000 Changed hot forging press model
Developed and produced double knuckle press
1998 Changed company name to Jaewoo Industrial Co., Ltd.
1991 Developed and produced C-Type 1,000TON blanking press
1989 Nation’s first 1,600TON hot forging press
1987 Formed partnership with SHINEI ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. of Japan, developed and started mass production of knuckle press
1985 Developed and produced C-Type single crank
1983 Founded Dongwoo Industrial Co., Ltd.