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JNH PRESS is a leader of press technology that guides the world’s parts industry through ceaseless change and innovation.

Welcome and thank you for visiting JNH PRESS, a professional press maker.

Products and parts formed using press machines can be found easily in our surroundings
such as automobile, electrics, electronics, semiconductor, architecture, furniture and household
appliance. Press forming technology is the manufacturing technology that is most closely
associated with our daily life that about 70% of automobile bodies, 60% of mobile phones and
50% of household appliances are products formed using press.

Accordingly, as a company specialized in making press, JNH PRESS strives to manufacture
the best press machines for its customers. We take pride in leading the present and future of
manufacturing technology and corporate culture.

Above all, we prioritize customer values and put utmost efforts to impress our customers
with perfect quality. We focus our full capacity on the development of eco-friendly,
high-efficiency and safe technologies that can surpass the needs of customers.
In addition, we are working on R&D and human resource training in order to actively
cope with the remarkable advancement of related industries.

Also, all employees of our company are creating a new corporate culture in
the midst of continued change and innovation. We will make a company that fulfills
its social responsibilities by providing enjoyable workplace, growing with the
community and taking care of neighbors in need. Please look forward to see
our company form the future of the world as a leader of the industry.

Thank you.

JNH PRESS, CEO Yoon Seong Cho